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Hair Transplant

Regain Natural-Looking Hair and Your Confidence Back with our Top-Rated Hair Transplants. 100% Effective.

Hair Loss Treatment

Reverse Years of Hair Fall, Receding Hairlines, and Balding with Zayn’s Hair Loss Treatments.

Tatoo Removal

Don’t Let Your Past Define Your Future. Erase Your Regrets and Begin Anew with Highly Effective Tattoo Removals at Zayn Clinic.


For Flawless Even-Toned Skin & A Perfect Complexion – Specialized Pigmentation Treatments from Zayn Skin Clinic.

Anti Aging Treatment

Wish You Could Turn Back Time? Now You Can. Look 10 to 12 Years Younger with our Anti-Aging Skin Treatments.

Acne Treatment

Lift your Looks & Restore your Natural Beauty with Zayn Skin Clinic’s Effective Acne Treatments.

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About Dr Sajid Mughal


Dr.Sajid has trained many skin specialists in various aspects of cosmetic dermatology.

Known for his creative skills and aesthetic sense,He has changed the way people look Making them younger and youthful. A visiting consultant in different parts of india,

He has bagged hundreds of hair transplants to his name,he is also an author of “New Hair New Life-Guide to FUE Hair Transplantation ”

  • REGN.NO-MCI/11-38342




Based on 202+ Reviews

Visited for Skin polishing brightening and polishing. I got the best result for that. Than I decided to go for lip figuring and experienced the sudden change in looks. At present very happy with the treatment and services were very cost effective.

Shweta Khandelwal

I went for my routine carbon peel session after the 5 months of lockdown and it was great as usual. The clinic maintained all the hygiene and the safety precautions. The staffs are in PPE Kit, gloves and mask all the time which is of utmost important right now.

William Son

Cost effective treatment..strictly professional the way they treat the patient..very humble staff..keep up the good work..God bless Dr.Sajid you are doing a great job.

Sahil Shaikh



Based on 100+ Reviews

I have Truely a beutiful experience of zayan clinic their is no compromise in quality in the clinic all things are superial and best as equle as foren country The doctor is like a macitian he can make celebrety to any simple blad person also he is a good human being as he has a great nature ,maidam is also so cooperative and possitive
the staff is like a family members and so skilable
I really so thankfull for great gerne of my transplantation

Ajay Nagwani

Dr. Sajid and Dr. Urneeb are extremely professional and provide top quality skin & hair consultation and treatment.

Jyothi Menon

I know you were the best you are the best and you will be the best (Insha-Allah) we are all proud of you. All my good wishes for both of you Dr sajid and Dr Urneeb.

Gowhar Khan



Based on 50+ Reviews

My Son shahid who's 20 years old his baldness issue was getting very severe so i searched on internet and found Dr. Mughal. I was very impressed with the reviews so i consulted him *** **** * **** **** ****** he explained everything very well and He treated my son and the results are fantastic. I would recommend him to others as well and he's a very nice doctor very friendly, helpful *** ************** May Allah bless him abundantly.

Shamshad fakih

Very nice clinic and the doctor is also very friendly and helpful. the treatment went very smoothly

I will very much recommend Zayn clinic to my family and friends.


He explained everything in detail. Was very genuine. He did not give me any false hopes and told me to be patient. I am sure his treatment will work for me

Tanya Rajpal



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Get the best hair transplant in pune at Zayn Skin Clinic

A hair transplant is one of the most common procedures today. Hair loss, due to various reasons, is a severe matter of concern. In such cases, the hair transplant method has emerged to be a very lucrative solution. You will find many hair transplant centres offering various offers for the same. There may be a hair transplant surgery procedure, which can be costly, but this procedure is essential for a successful hair transplant. However, if you come to pune for the best hair transplant treatment, then Zayn Skin Clinic is at your service. Our experts offer the finest hair transplant in pune.

Zayn Skin Clinic offers personalized experiences to all its clients. We believe in catering to every client and curating memorable experiences for them. Our team comprises of experts who have industry experience and strive to deliver top-notch services. Today, the Zayn Skin Clinic is the best hair transplant clinic in pune.

Now, you must be thinking a very general question – why choose Zayn Clinic for hair transplant in pune? We are more than happy to answer this for you.

Quality service

If you are looking forward to a great hair transplant in pune, Zayn Clinic is here to help with the best medical team. We believe in offering services of supreme quality. You might be suffering significant hair loss and are seeking for a solution. Don’t worry! Let our capable team handle the issue that is troubling you.

You can undergo a hairloss treatment in pune at Zayn Clinic. This treatment is meant for reducing hair loss and nurturing growth.

At our clinic, professionals who have a vast experience of performing the treatments will be looking after the patients. They possess all the necessary skills and expertise to make treatment successful.

There are various techniques and products of supreme quality for hair loss treatment in pune at our clinic. Our experts will choose these products after proper scrutiny and study of the ingredients used.

Cost of hair transplant 

We understand that a hair transplant is an expensive procedure with a lot of technicalities and other medicated products. One might also have to undergo surgeries for a hair transplant. In such cases, the cost of hair transplant in pune tends to be on the higher end.

We, at Zayn Skin Clinic, ensure completion of the entire hair transplant procedure economically. The procedure involves a lot of technicalities and other processes. However, the cost for the same is on par with the services and will be pocket-friendly for our customers.

Types of hair transplant 

Amongst many techniques for hair transplant, FUE and FUT are the primary techniques for hair transplantation. We, at the Zayn Skin Clinic, use the FUE hair transplant technique for our clients. We assure that the clients will not have to invest a lot of their busy time in pre-treatment processes and post-treatment recovery.

FUE is a standard procedure for hair transplantation. Here, an expert will remove the single follicles from the scalp’s donor area with a specialized cutting tool. Then he/she will insert these follicles into the small cuts. The surgeon ensures that the cuts are at an angle to the natural direction of your hair.

Causes of hair loss in male and female

There are several causes of hair loss in males and females. Some of the major ones are-

  • Hormonal changes- Hair loss due to hormonal changes majorly takes place in women. It might happen due to pregnancy, menopause, childbirth, or sudden discontinuation of birth pills.
  • Medical conditions- Certain medical conditions are responsible as well for hair loss in males and females. They include thyroid, alopecia areata, ringworm, and many more.
  • Medications- At times, medications are responsible as well for causing hair loss. These medications may be for cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, high blood pressure, and heart-related issues.
  • Personal loss- Sometimes, hair loss occurs due to grief or stress. Death of a family member, high fever, and extreme weight loss might be the reasons for hair loss.
  • Diet- If you are consuming a diet lacking proteins, iron, and other nutrients, you might suffer hair loss. An improper diet is highly responsible for hair loss. Consumption of a proper and healthy diet is essential for proper hair growth.

Do a hair transplant work for me?

Before you decide to get a hair transplant done, you must know why it is beneficial. Many clinics perform essential hair transplantation. But one must visit a good hair transplant clinic in pune to yield satisfactory results.

Our experts use the latest hair transplant technique and procedures to plant follicles on your scalp. These procedures have been adopted after a lot of research and analysis. Furthermore, the surgeries are designed and performed after multiple studies by well-trained specialists.

Today, with the help of science and technology, one can easily benefit from the hair transplantation technique greatly. One must visit a good hair transplant clinic in pune to get the best results.